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As a writer, my goal is to write the most stimulating, arousing Romantic Erotic stories that you are going to find anywhere!  I don't want my readers to visualize what is happening on the pages, I want my readers to feel emotionally invested with my characters.  To hate them, to love them, and to love their love and love making.  I want them to feel as though they are in the room with them.  The proverbial fly on the wall.  But it's really not all about the sex, it's about the Intensity of it!  My friends Richard Burns, Karen Cote' & Linda Hays-Gibbs are also excellent authors worthy of space and consideration in my web realm. 

There are many more stories to come!  So I hope to see you here often and soon!       
Mark Casigh

We have four exceptional Authors that can call this site home.  They are: 

Mark Casigh;  Author of, "Awakenings:  Cozumel, Mexico."

Karen Cote;  Author of, "Erotic Deception."

Richard Burns;  Author of, "Sweet Chocolate's First Taste."

Linda Hays-Gibbs;  Author of "My Angel, My Light," and "Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul," and other with many more to come!

If you love great Heart Pounding Romance or Searing White Hot Throbbing Passion, pick up a book by either or all four of the above authors. You will become an instant fan!

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