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Karen Cote`

Erotic Deception
                                             by Karen Cote`

Dr. Lily Delaney is running from her ex-fiancé who just happens to be the District Attorney for Kansas City. He also happens to be as crooked as can be. Each minute she spends in Kansas City is one more minute that she is closer to ending up just like her brother. Dead! Leaving Kansas City, she heads for her deceased brother's sanctuary and runs headlong into... ...Sheriff Jet Walker takes one look at the bombshell that ruined his cruiser and knows Lily is trouble. With her lusciously sassy mouth, he is not sure whether he should be handcuffing her to arrest her or handcuffing her, pushing her skirt up, and taking her where she stands.

As Lily tries to come up with one story after another about why she caused an accident, Jet knows his calm, quiet town has most certainly been disrupted... ...As has his libido. Jet is the type who does not believe in happily ever after. Ever since his ex-wife messed with his heart in a horribly deceiving manner, the sheriff has found that no-strings-attached flings are the way to go. But there is something different about Lily. Her outer beauty is matched by her inner beauty and Jet starts to hope that he might be able to have that relationship that some of his friends have found. But before he can declare any feelings, new information comes to light. It has the sheriff wondering if he has finally found someone who fills that void and soothes his erotic lusts or if Lily has just proven once and for all that when it comes to his heart, it always seems to fall for that...Erotic Deception

Linda Hayes Gibbs

Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul, by Linda Hays-Gibbs

      He is a creature of the night and shadows an unredeemable killer.  He hunts his prey unfeeling and silent in the dark of night.  Haunted by erotic dreams of an irresistible woman he is frustrated and alone.  He is sent on an assignment to kill a woman but he recognizes she is the woman of his dreams and is powerless to kill her.  His frustration is palpable and his lusts know no bounds. He must have her and for always.  There is only one problem.  John Monroe belongs to the Devil and Rachael Merriwalters is an Angel of God.

My Angel, My Light, by Linda Hays-Gibbs

       In a world gone crazy because of a madman name Napoleon a young girl holds onto her sanity as she holds onto the comfort she finds in the arms of the dreaded enemy.  Pierre does not speak to her in the night on the cold battlefield for he knows his voice will give him away. He knows instinctively that he holds onto her for his own safety from the vampire insistent on his completion.  Pru is his only salvation for Pru is part angel.

     So many men want this young innocent girl that she is confused and defiant until she finds the perfect one to match her soul.  He will broker no adversary be he ghost, demon, vampire or Frenchman.  Dughlass, the defiant Scot will have no one but his Pru.

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