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Sweet Chocolate's
                              First Taste
              by Richard Burns

Editorial Reviews

Man!  This story is HOT!!!  It's got everything!  Scene setting, character development, Hot Steamy Sex Scenes, passion and romance.  Way more than I expected from a short story.  Fantastic read.


A young white soldier has his first sexual encounter. The racial kettle of the southern US in 1979 is at a constant simmer and do you really want to go...  doing  that...???  With one of them...???  Besides,  just how good can a hooker be, when it’s just another day’s work? Or is there no substitute for professionalism? 

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Into Darkness Eternal               by Richard Burns

Stumbling onto a doorway between time periods, Maggie and Mike release a monster that threatens their lives and the balance of history.
      Will they find the threat they loosed on the world in time? Will their lives, and tender new love, be the price they pay for their innocent curiosity? 
      Get comfortable (but don't forget to bar the windows!) with a fantastic story that weaves time travel, action, heartfelt romance, and sizzling sex!

Reader Reviews

By kathleen on October 17, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition
What a great read! Mike and Maggie are two lovers attending West Point after serving their country. They stumble onto a portal through time and soon find themselves fighting a battle for their lives with one of history's creepiest opponents- The Headless Horseman. They've unwittingly allowed him to pass back to present day with them! Young, bright and fierce, Mike and Maggie must outmaneuver this demon or twist the very fabric of time. Their passion for each other keeps the tale as spicy as it is thrilling and you find yourself holding your breath, willing them to victory. It’s fast paced, erotic and satisfying. Best of all, there’s more! Go with Mike and Maggie on all their time travel adventures in this exciting trilogy.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
       A sensual and modern tale with genuine characters and impressive imagery. No spoilers here; however, I particularly enjoyed the showdown with the Headless Horseman in the forest. This is a story that will not leave you disappointed. I will be looking out for the next edition.

The two main characters were great. I like a nice strong woman and a ...
By Mittens     on December 21, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
       The two main characters were great. I like a nice strong woman and a strong man who isn't intimidated by her. What a great twist on an old story.

Into Darkness Again             by Richard Burns
      Mike and Maggie are now forced to travel back in time again, but this time to save history?  Nope, this time they are saving the world.  Trying to keep history and fate true, keep the time and space continuum intact from the metaling of other forces at work.
      This time, in 1780, when much Skullduggery was a foot, General Benedict Arnold Commands the Continental Army Garrison at West Point, but he's to hand over detailed maps of the defenses and unit strengths to his contact, Major John Andre`.
      Follow our heroes, Mike from Afghanistan and Maggie from Iraq, on a Top Secret Intelligence Mission during the American Revolutionary War.  Then learn the real story behind Benedict Arnold and West Point!
      The second installment of the series, and yes!  The passion and sex is every bit as scorching HOT as the First!  But really, it's not about the sex, it's about the intensity of it!

Into Darkness Once More       by Richard Burns

      On Christmas Leave in West Virginia, Mike and Maggie find themselves faced with yet, another Headless Horseman!  And with him, another portal to the past.  This time, they find themselves in the midst of the American Civil War.  Can this be coincidence? 
      Highly doubtful!  So, what is their mission this time?  Or should they just leave history alone?  What happens if they metal?  Can the Confederacy win the war? 
      This time, there are far more forces in the field, Battalions, Regiments, even Divisions on the Battlefield, and there are only two of them.  How much can they be expected to do, when faced with those kind of odds?
      Find out, in the page turning, thrilling piece of history.  Perfect gift for the avid reader in your family!

The Complete Series, 
                     Into Darkness         by Richard Burns

      Lots of people enjoy Romance novels, however, I believe the better ones have a better story to tell and they are always set somewhere, at some point in time, albeit present day or the past.
      This series, should satisfy the Romance reader, the Science Fiction & Time Travel junky, the Military Historian, the Civil War Buff or the lovers of International Intrigue.  Not to mention those who love Erotica in all forms, shapes and sizes!
      By them all now for one low price!

Not so erotic...

Say Goodnight                             By Richard Burns

     No, there's not a lot of  Erotica to be found in this book.  But, if you are looking for an exciting story of Combat as it is today, straight from Afghanistan, written from notes taken contemporaneously to events as they occurred on the ground.
      Follow Burns on a Top Secret Intelligence Mission in the Global War on Terror.  Feel the ungodly heat, the excruciating weight of his rucksack and equipment, the excitement, the unbearable tension, and the near stark raving terror of combat, or as close to it as you can get in print. 

       A US Special Forces Military Intelligence Soldier uncovers an Al-Qaeda operation to ruin the Multi-national coalition.

       A Special Forces Soldier in Afghanistan, 2009 uncovers a major enemy operation. It's the kind which requires high level involvement. Very high level. Just how high does it go? See for yourself, as you experience every detail first hand, you'll collect and follow every piece of intelligence to the end.  Told through the vivid descriptions of the author and his notes taken while operating on the ground overseas.

Reader Reviews

A rare glimpse into the mind and actions of an Operator working within the shadows, By Jonathan&Wendy on October 13, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition
       So few works of literature can place the reader into the boots of a true operator, whom fights the battles that make no headlines, and receives none of the due recognition for those actions they endured. Within these pages a war that is fought within a war is drawn out splendidly, and allows a tiny glimpse into the heart and mind of the ones that do the deeds to protect our nation from the harm that would threaten and disrupt our way of life. The emotional human toll that these elite warriors pay is a difficult translation to make to the written word, where here in these pages we are privileged to share in their experiences and endeavors. From the tragic and pulse pounding, to comedic and subtle pleasantries, this book describes in detail the internal soldier that is often overlooked beyond their tough exteriors. This is a book that really needs more attention payed onto it, and would be great for any collector of current military literature, combat veteran, or readers that would like a unique adventure often untold and rarely glimpsed. A great find, and looking forward to continued works from this author.

By ChicagoJoe on April 23, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
       This book is pretty damned exciting from start to finish. A lot of war stories revolve around an unrealistic fantasy plot or villain, but Say Goodnight rewrites actual missions from the point of view of a professional sniper and army contractor.
       The realistic action sequences made this one impossible to put down. It has it all: assassination, espionage, air raids, infiltration behind enemy lines, and more. As soon as Rick Burns gets a mission he's out into action... not a lot of boring setup to get through. These characters are based on real soldiers and American heroes, which makes the content that much more exciting to read. I only wish there was more to read.
      What pushed this review to 5 stars to me was the personal touches the character goes through in these intense firefights and sniper missions. It's not often you get to see the inner turmoil that every soldier has to go through when he takes a life, or the ugly yet understandable nature of confronting terrorists responsible for countless deaths and suffering of innocents. I have military men in my family but never really have the chance to hear about their feelings on the subject, since most soldiers can't talk openly about what they've been through.
      This book is just a taste of the reality of our involvement in the middle east, and the part of the story you don't read in the mainstream. The situation is horrible, but we have the world's greatest soldiers doing what they have to in order to protect our citizens as well as innocence abroad. If you are a war story enthusiast, or know someone deployed to the middle east over the past decade, this is a MUST Read.
      Special thanks to the author, and all US military for their service to our great country.

A Great Story By Linda D. Hays-Gibbs on October 14, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition
       The insight and skills of this masterpiece are a must read for veterans and non veterans alike. The story pulls you into the drama . I don't usually read this type of novel but after the first page it drew me into the action. I truly enjoyed this book.

By Mittens    on August 2, 2013
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
        I felt I was inside the author as I read this. No, I felt as though I WAS the author. I could FEEL the heat, the sand, the THIRST!

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